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The Company

Beyond Borders International Limited is an entire locally owned limited company, conceptualised and registered as a private company limited under companies act chapter 486 of the laws of Kenya.

Our core business is Humanitarian Suppliers and Consultancy Services.


To be excellent supplier of humanitarian goods as well as consultancy in Africa and beyond its borders.


Our vision and aspirations is to be among the leading organisations in Africa with the best professionalism in humanitarian supplies, and to give sound advice and consultancy services to our clients according to various projects.


Our mission is to offer out clients a strong network of out services, in the various fields of trade and a distinguished and specialized consultancies services to our esteem customers.

Services Offered

We offer consultancy and humanitarian services.


BBI has professional managers experience in humanitarian and consultancy services in East and Central Africa.


BBI is comprised of a Board of Directors with a skilled and experienced managers who oversee the various projects that the company is currently undertaking in different fields of trade and consultancy.

Human Resource Capacity

We have in-house capacity to undertake supplies of any goods and services as well as strategic management consultancies services, extension works and research in the area of interest.

Project Management

BBI is capable of handling accounts with the ability to accrue financial and capital security. We drive to achieve our clients’ objective without compromise on neither time nor quality.

Work Implementation

We send a free basis tender proposal OR an expression of interest inclusive of a financial quotation on the receipt of a clients’ brief terms of reference. On the clients acknowledgement we enter into contractual engagement (LPO or LSO). The concept initiation, development, and execution as per the engagement then follows suite.

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BBI Management Policy

BBI management policy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. It has a working environment and structure that encourages productivity and respect for clients and fellow employees. Its goal is to create leading and original ideas in managing institutions and the market, thus giving our clients that very needed competitive edge.

In addition, we are committed and passionate about our work in line with our motto “Sharpening Institutional Strategies”, and meeting their trade requirements.

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